Sarah's Hummus

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This recipe can be altered depending on your taste. It is great with added lemon juice for a strong citrus flavor. Or try adding chopped roasted red peppers while blending the hummus.

You will need the following ingredients:

As well as the following supplies:

To begin:

  1. Drain and rinse the chick peas. Then empty them into the food processor.
  2. Add remaining ingredients. Process until smooth and creamy. Scrape the sides as necessary to help blending.
  3. When at a creamy consistency you can add optional ingredients such as roasted red peppers or dill weed and lemon juice.
  4. Empty hummus in a bowl. Using a spoon, create a well in the middle. Drizzle olive oil and dash with paprika.
  5. Serve with warm pita bread slices or fresh vegetables.

Recipe from Sarah Rivero.