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the Luther

a bacon cheese burger with a doughnut in place of the bun

A mythical confection supposedly invented by a soul singer with a penchant for unhealthy foods, the Luther is not for the faint of heart (or gut.) The sweetness and texture of a doughnut added to the classic taste of beef, cheese, and bacon results in the Luther's questionable popularity.

The next time you make burgers, try this fad... it is sure to raise eyebrows.



Grill beef patty and fry bacon.

Slice the doughnut, as you would a bagel, and separate halves. Place grilled patty on one half of the doughnut, add sliced cheese and bacon. Top with remaining doughnut half, apply condiments as desired, and serve.

(Some recipes suggest placing the glazed side of the doughnut inward, to avoid sticky fingers.)


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