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What you will need:

chicken breasts (about two- four)


Jack Daniels



First you trim down the chicken ( removing all the visible fat and other nasty things), then you place the chicken with a quarter of a stick of butter in a hot (as opposed to cold) skillet. Let the chicken brown a bit, before adding about five to six shots of Jack Daniels( you may need to add more later but thats ok as long as you keep the honey and the jack balanced). Let the chicken simmer a bit in the jack. Once the Jack has almost burned away, add in a few more shots and add in about half a cup of honey. Let all of that sit until the chicken completely cooked. Once it is cooked put it to the side and make the sauce. To make the sauce you use what is left in the skillet(jack, honey, butter) you take 3/4s of a stick of butter and mix it with 3 tablespoons of flour. You mix it until it is creamy then you add that into the skillet it on low heat. Mix until that is creamy(If you need more sauce just add more Jack and Honey until you are happy) after that is done, its time to eat,Enjoy what I like to call "The Golden Ticket"